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The Palme Assassination: The Lost Trail is an international documentary film about a man who is largely unknown to the general public, yet by many is regarded as the real murderer of Olof Palme. The documentary is a production of Moonstep Documentaries and made by Marc Pennartz and Peter Isaksson.

Marc Pennartz is a Dutch journalist, author and photographer, now based in Belgium. He worked for Vrij Spraak, a magazine on justice and criminology, published by the Dutch probation services, and wrote about a wide variety of topics for other media. Between 2008 and 2015, Marc lived in Sweden, where he ran an online magazine with Swedish news in Dutch and started investigating the murder of Olof Palme.

Marc is the creator of the only Dutch-language blog about Palme’s murder, wrote two critically acclaimed books about the topic and has regularly appeared in Dutch and Belgian media as an expert on the Palme murder. He spoke at a Palme conference in Stockholm in 2023 and was a guest in the popular podcast Palmemordet. He’s also active as a videographer, street photographer and workshop leader.

Peter Isaksson is a Swedish researcher and journalist, currently working at TV4 in Sweden. He was one of the researchers behind the award-nominated documentary Säljsekten (Dokument inifrån, SVT) and the widely watched documentary series Sagan Stenmark (TV4). He also did research for TV4’s political party leader debate and contributes almost daily to the popular TV4 Nyhetsmorgon show.

He has been following the developments surrounding the Palme murder since the very beginning and published frequently about this subject on the Swedish crime and justice magazine Para§raf, of which he was one of the founders. Peter was also behind the research program at Påhlmans Handelsinstitut, a renowned educational institute in Stockholm.

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