A Palme documentary that looks at the facts

The murder of Olof Palme remains a popular topic of discussion in Sweden. Many base their opinions on speculations and sometimes pure disinformation. Most authors of Swedish books on the murder as well as documentary makers believe there was a conspiracy. Even in discussion groups on the Internet, a majority see indications of a conspiracy.

The makers of The Palme Assassination: The Lost Trail look at facts. What do we know for sure about the circumstances of the murder? And what can we draw from that? We test all theories for credibility. And our conclusion is that the evidence for a conspiracy is razor thin, and that very much speaks for a one-man operation.

If the facts say otherwise, what drives those who believe in a conspiracy? Some of it can probably be explained by a lack of accurate information or influence from others. In short, they are misled, often without realizing it themselves. It may have other reasons too. An interesting psychological study on the motivations of conspiracy thinkers points out that followers of conspiracy theories often share certain personality traits and motivations.

Marc Pennartz previously wrote two books on the murder of Olof Palme. Now, together with Peter Isaksson, he is making the documentary The Palme Assassination: The Lost Trail. In this video, he briefly explains their approach to the subject.

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