The Palme Murder Solved?

Who murdered Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme? Ever since 1986, there has been no conclusive answer. Until now?

The Palme Assassination: The Lost Trail is the first documentary about the only man in the investigation of whom we know for certain that he had the right weapon, the ability to commit the murder and a clear motive at the time of the assassination. It’s the story of a lonely man who struggles with life and harbors a strong hatred for Olof Palme.

People who knew him closely believe him to be the killer. Some of Sweden’s most eminent police officers also think he is the principal suspect in this never-solved case. And so do several experts on the Palme murder. And yet the general public is hardly aware of this unique trail.

The documentary presents an impressive pile of clues that point to his involvement in the murder. Far more clues than there are against Stig Engström, who was identified as the suspected killer by the prosecution without any evidence in 2020.

The Palme Assassination: The Lost Trail is a film by Marc Pennartz and Peter Isaksson whom we follow during their quest. This independent, international journalistic production is the result of more than a decade of research. The makers’ approach is purely fact-based and stripped of needless sensationalism.

The film is produced by Cinemort Europa. Expected release 2024.

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